My name is Jamie Johnson and I was born and raised in Warsaw, In. I have been so blessed to be able to take my love for photography and people and make it my profession. I have so much fun with my clients, many of whom have become my friends. After receiving my degree in Photography from Antonelli College in Cincinnati, I moved back home, managed a studio in Fort Wayne for three years, and finally opened Signature Studio in the Village at Winona in 2007, and later, Sweet Beginnings in 2014.

I like to think I am a very real, honest person. I joke often that I am a "real" Mom, I let people see the good, the bad and the ugly. I don't know about you but I relate very well to sleepless nights, hilarious "you won't believe what my kid did" kind of stories. 

I believe God has created us all with very unique personalities & abilities, builds & looks, strengths & weaknesses, our own personal beauty. My goal as a professional photographer is to capture the unique and sometimes brief moments of beauty in your family, the quickly changing stages of life! I strive to bring out the wonder, curiosity, joy and sometimes even tears of my sessions, the real emotion. 

My favorite portraits of my kids are the ones where they are just playing with those large smiles, or pouting and showing their “attitude” sides. When they are all grown up and I look back through their albums, I want portraits that showed their true personalities, wild spirits and tender hearts. I want to remember the real Laney and Deegan and that’s what I work to achieve with all my clients, portraits that are real. 

A few things I love: First and foremost, Jesus. He is my rock and shelter! Sunny days, sushi, good friends, yoga pant days (really wish those days came more often:), a good belly laugh, and I often quote funny sayings from movies just hoping someone will have known that line...haha!