Signature Studio: Blog en-us (C) Signature Studio (Signature Studio) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:01:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:01:00 GMT Signature Studio: Blog 120 80 Senior Season I LOVE my job! I cannot even express how much I love planning sessions, meeting new people and challenging myself with new lighting techniques and portrait styles. I have had the most fun this year sitting down with my senior portrait clients and plotting out their sessions. As a senior photographer, something I hear a lot is, "I don't want my pictures to be like everyone else's". In thinking this through, I can totally relate! I don't want my work to look like everyone else's either. I want my client's to recognize the difference in my work. That is why I try so hard for genuine expressions and take the extra time to lug around lighting. The end result is something "different". This is why I contract land and find myself driving all over to find areas that are new and fresh from where I normally shoot. My seniors this year have been so incredible! Over many of the sessions, I find it a real struggle to get the images down to a reasonable count for the showings. I feel like I have built relationships with them and have learned who they are and what they like and don't like. This is such a cool part of what I do, building relationships. Through my almost 10 years having our studio in The Village at Winona, I have had the opportunity to photograph a senior, shoot their weddings, and then their children. I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet my clients and build friendships that I truly treasure. It is something I cherish!


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Molly is growing up Every time I see Miss Molly, she has just grown up so much! Her bouncing curls just a going as she runs around. Its so much fun to stay with a child as their photographer from birth, to watch them grow and see their little personalities mold and change. Molly is such a fun girl and is going to be an awesome big sister. Cannot wait to meet her little sibling!


I mean, these eyes...

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Lovin' these chicks....and bunnies! We are only on day 2 of LIVE chicks and bunnies and we are loving it! Such great expressions and funny kids. We do this every year, only bigger and better. So glad this year has turned out so well!

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